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Cooking for the Lazy: Machine-free Ice Cream Recipe

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Travel plans may have been cancelled in Morocco, but summer is still very much on. Nothing says sunshine better than a refreshing bowl of ice cream on a hot day. 

Two ingredients and little time commitment are all you need for this recipe. 

Buying ice cream might seem to be “the lazier cook” way, but making it at home is cost-efficient and will guarantee you ice cream access when your midnight craving hits.

You will not even need an ice cream machine for this recipe, just your sweet tooth. The best part is that you will learn to use one simple same ice cream base to create as many different flavors as your imagination allows. 

Photo: Asmae Habchaoui for Morocco World News


Ice cream base

1 can of sweetened condensed milk (400 ml)

2 cans/boxes of heavy cream (450ml)

The first and most crucial part of the ice cream recipe is the base, and the whipped cream is the trickiest part. Before you start, pre-chill all of your ingredients and utensils, including the heavy cream, the container, the mixing bowl, and the whisk or mixer in the freezer for around 20 minutes.

Once your ingredients and tools are that level of cold you dream of on a summer day, pour the heavy cream into your chilled mixing bowl.

You can use either a manual or electric mixer. If you opt for the manual version, follow a large circular pattern to allow the air bubbles to form and transform your heavy cream into whipped cream.

Pro tip: Add half a lemon’s juice for every 1 liter of whipping cream before you start. The acidity from the lemon juice will speed up the process.

Once your heavy cream turns into a cloud-like cream stop whisking–if you overdo it, the cream will turn butter-like. 

Then poor your condensed milk into the heavy cream and voila, you have your base!

Though it is optional, you can add vanilla extract both for flavoring and to maintain a smooth texture.

Once you add your favorite flavors listed below, freeze your ice cream mixture in an airtight container for 6 hours before serving.

Cooking for the Lazy Machine-free Ice Cream Recipe
Photo: Asmae Habchaoui for Morocco World News

Flavors: It’s your choice, go wild!

Dalgona coffee

Vanilla extract


Vanilla and instant cake

If you go for the optional vanilla extract, your ice cream is ready and you do not need any more flavoring. Instead, make this two-minute microwave mug cake and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream as the cherry on top!

Cookie-flavored ice cream

Take your favorite cookies, break them into small pieces, and add them to the ice cream base. Voila! Yes, that is all.

I also added unsweetened cocoa powder to accentuate the cookies’ flavor.

Dalgona coffee

I am not fond of coffee but my mom is, so I made this mainly for her. But after trying it, I have to admit that I  developed a soft spot for this one. If you are a self-proclaimed coffee addict this recipe is for you. Follow this 3 minute-long recipe for dalgona coffee and add it to your ice cream. Again, voila!

I also had strawberries, so I crushed them into a puree, added them to the base, and made strawberry ice cream. By now I am sure you get the idea. This summer treat can be as wild as your taste buds, but I do recommend that however lazy you may be, it is best to stay away from pizza-flavored ice cream.

Cooking for the Lazy Machine-free Ice Cream Recipe
Photo: Asmae Habchaoui for Morocco World News
Cooking for the Lazy Machine-free Ice Cream Recipe
Photo: Asmae Habchaoui for Morocco World News

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