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Healthy Ghanaian Food to Enjoy When in Ghana

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Healthy Ghanaian Food to Enjoy When in Ghana


The West African Nation of Ghana is home to one of the richest cultures, and of course cuisine and dishes whose history go for 100s of years and has served and nourished generations of people, including visitors and tourists, as well as people from it’s neighboring countries.

When we want to consider healthy meals nutritionists tend to look at meals that are non-fatty, are balanced in terms of the nutrition that your body needs for an optimum well being, fewer calories but packed still with essentials.

Do african dishes fall into these category, more or less a Ghanian recipe? Considering the ingredients used to prepare several dishes, is it possible that a Ghanian dish could be said to be healthy and perhaps provide a template for weight loss.

Of course this is totally possible.

As long as the meals are organic and ingredients aren’t processed foods packed full of additives, there are a great number of Ghanian meals that are healthy, nutritional and wholesome for your body. Some of these meals can be order online from restaurants in Ghana, or from the room service when staying in a hotel in Ghana, or if you want the complete experience of the cuisine, visit a local diner and treat yourself to a great time.

Here are some healthy Ghanian recipe’s you should try out when in Ghana

Ampesi and Kontomire Stew

This dish consist of boiled plantain and the stew nicknamed ‘Palava Sauce’ and it is made with spinach leaves and grounded melon seeds known as egusi as its main and distinguishing ingredients. The plantain is boiled and served with the sauce that is garnished with fish, meat, seasoned with pepper, onions, ginger and garlic. Kontomire Stew serves other purposes asides being eaten with Ampesi, it could also be eaten with swallows such as fufu, rice, yam or eba.

Cornmeal Porridge

Corn is a rich source of vitamins A, B, E and several nutrients that is needed for the body and as far as starting your day right goes, it makes it an excellent choice for breakfast. In whatever form it can be processed into. Enter Cornmeal Porridge, known as Kokoo in the local Ghanian parlance. The corn meal porridge goes through a process of soaking the corn in water for days, grinding and extracting the useful part and discarding the chaff, which can be used to feed ruminant animals or birds if you are a keeper. The cornmeal porridge can be eaten with milk stirred into it, or a sweetener if you so desire. While cornmeal porridge is popular through the rest of Africa and Caribbean countries, in Ghana you sprinkle groundnuts on them.


Ghanian Salad

The Ghanians, believe it or not have their own brand of salad and it is nothing like you have ever been used to before now. In Nigeria of course, they have what is called African Salad, or Abacha, but the Ghanian Salad is entirely different from the continental salad you may know, of the Nigerian ‘African Salad. Often served on the side to go with rice and sauce, or jollof rice, when you are in Ghana, ask to taste the delicious experience that is the Ghanian Salad.


Yam and Garden Egg Sauce

Many balk at the idea of garden egg sauce. But it is a rich and nutritious sauce that is a big break from the monotony of tomato based sauce in Ghana and in West Africa generally. The sauce is prepared like the typical sauce is but with boiled and mashed garden eggs as the main ingredient and binder. Lots of fish, diced meat and liver are all added to give it a richness that makes the meal thoroughly enjoyable.

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