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The home industry boom: Cape Town

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The home industry boom: Cape Town

By Lutho Pasiya 20h ago

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The coronavirus pandemic is not just a health crisis. Millions of people around the world have also seen an impact on their jobs, whether in reduced hours, salary cuts, different working patterns, or finding themselves without a job. 

The situation is so bad, that the unemployment rate has increased to 30.1 percent. Economists predict that the effect of the pandemic will be felt for a long time. 

With the number of infections increasing and more companies folding, such is likely to continue for months and the long-term implications of coronavirus look set to be more far-reaching than most of us could have predicted.

Hence we have seen an increasing number of people trying their hand at side hustles and using their skills to make extra money. 

Over the past few weeks, we have seen an increase in people who have started their own home industry businesses to supplement their income. 

The coronavirus pandemic is not just a health crisis. Picture: Supplied

It makes sense as many have taken to the kitchen for the past four months of the lockdown, cooking up a storm for their families. Some then realised that with so many people documenting their cooking fatigue and restaurants being closed, they recognised a business opportunity. The home industry boom has been so great, that even people you didn’t know can cook, have been sharing multiple pictures of their perfect meals and letting people know that they deliver meals.

We have also seen chefs and restaurants pivot to creating food delivery boxes, where you order a week in advance and then receive the meal either ready to eat, or to complete at home. It has allowed many restaurants to keep trading even during the hard lockdown before Level 3 allowed establishments to have in house dining. 

In this article, we look at home industry food businesses that started their home industry business during the coronavirus induced lockdown after losing their jobs. 

Origins Food by Cher Poznanovich and Jubee Morton. Picture: Supplied

Origins Food by Cher Poznanovich and Jubee Morton
specialises in
the production of a sorghum burgers, which are 100% free of gluten, dairy, trans fat, sugar, and nuts. 

What inspired you to start your food business out of your home? 

I, Cher Poznanovich owns a guest house and Jubee Morton is a yoga teacher and nutritional therapist and we were unable to earn an income during the whole of lockdown. The current health crisis also highlighted the need for greater awareness of natural health and the local food-based economy. We came up with a product that supports this need.

What is the hardest part about being now a cook and owning your own business right out of your home? 

Starting a new business is a risk to make it financially viable, but so far it has been enjoyable.

How do you market your business when it operates out of your home?

We have focused on a grassroots marketing initiative by developing direct relationships with friends and their networks, as well as using social media.

With most home businesses, you work all by yourself for the most part, what happens if you get overbooked and have too many orders going at one time? 

This is a good problem to have as we will work around the clock to make our customers happy.

How do you think you can stand out among your competition? 

Our product is unique and we have an in-depth motivation for what we are doing and why. For example, we are truly passionate about traditional foods and provide a product that is optimally nutritious and delicious.

How is the business going? 

In our first month of operation, we made a small profit and expect it to grow more.

What are your hopes for the business? 

To create more awareness about eating nutritious locally produced foods that enhance our community and environment without doing any harm.

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