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Tucking in to takeout from Chubby’s, Netanya

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Tucking in to takeout from Chubby’s, Netanya
The word “chubby” is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “plump and rounded,” which I suppose makes it a suitable name for a popular hamburger joint on the Netanya boardwalk.Chubby’s is a restaurant that caters to all segments of the population – families with children, teenagers out in a crowd and the retirees splurging on a meal out.Since we belong to the last category and are not yet ready for eating out, we decided to take advantage of the Chubby’s’ takeaway option. The menu is available on the website so it was a simple matter to call them and order our evening meal.David, the present owner, told me that he would deliver our evening meal in the afternoon, about five. We ordered one hamburger and one chicken schnitzel meal and waited in eager anticipation for our supper to arrive. It didn’t and by 6:30 we were beginning to get very hungry so we drove over to the promenade to collect our meal. In the huge restaurant two brave couples were tucking in to their meal, one inside and one out.David was very busy filling takeout orders and through the open hatch to the kitchen one could see the chef tossing meat on the grill. I didn’t have to wait too long before exiting with a carrier bag, full of what seemed like a large amount of food.Opening the package with some curiosity, we found a portion of sweet baked chicken wings as a starter (NIS 39). These are always good, given the unbeatable – and less than healthy – mix of sugar and chicken fat characteristic of this dish. But what the heck – there were only a few so we tucked in happily.The schnitzels (NIS 39) were paper-thin cuts of chicken breast, which had been seriously flattened, flavored with something faintly spicy and grilled. In spite of being so thin they were not at all dry and, having been cooked without any batter or crumbs, they felt healthy.The hamburger came in a classic bun, with the obligatory lettuce, tomato and pickle additions. It seemed to be made entirely of chopped meat with no fillers (NIS 59).Another container proved to be a potato puree, also ready to eat without the addition of any condiments. Crispy fried onion rings on the side added another dimension to the potato.I can’t swear to it but the chips were probably of the frozen variety (NIS 18-NIS 22).There was so much food that I didn’t feel the need to add a green veggie to this feast. David had thrown in a large handful of packets of good mayonnaise and ketchup, which was all that was needed.While we miss the conviviality of dining out, the takeaway option is a very acceptable alternative – for now.Chubby’s (www.chubbys.co.il)
10 Sderot Oved Ben Ami
Tel.: 09-8806066

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