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Up Your Skincare Game With These Five Homemade Face Masks

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Up Your Skincare Game With These Five Homemade Face Masks

Rabat – Lockdown is taking its toll on all of us and I, for one, would welcome a new way to break the monotony.

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the ways to keep yourself busy is to look for ways to change lifestyle and take care of your skin!

My lifestyle improvement plans have always been a mess as I am a foodaholic, and sometimes my appetite craves fast food more than anything else.

However, aside from my diet failures, my personal experiments with skincare and homemade masks have been pretty successful and good fun.

In this article, I would like to share some homemade masks with simple ingredients that could be beneficial for your skin.

During lockdown, the time we spend in front of TV and computers has more than doubled. As a person who spends more than eight hours in front of the PC working from home, I certainly felt a terrible change in my skin. 

Lack of sun exposure and Vitamin D has given me a pale look and large dark circles around my eyes. And, of course with COVID-19, stress has more than doubled.

 I realized that with simple ingredients, I could at least refresh and nourish my skin cells to protect and revitalize it.

Cucumber and free sugar yogurt

The cucumber and free sugar yogurt mask could also be a snack! I am not kidding, several diets suggest yogurt and cucumber as a meal to enjoy when you feel you are hungry. But believe me, the combo is also beneficial for your skin if you feel it needs some chilly texture and nourishing.

Cucumber is a hydration booster. It will get you all of the important vitamins for your skin, including Vitamins C, K, and A.

The cucumber will also give doses of magnesium, potassium, manganese, and fiber. The health benefits will boost your metabolism and your skin.

Yogurt also includes protein is made of 88% water. 

Ok! Now how to benefit from the ingredients for better skin. 

Grate a half cucumber into a bowl and add three tablespoons of free sugar yogurt. Mix it with the same spoon and it is ready to use.

Put the mask on your face and keep it until it dries. You could simply use water to take off or you could try to peel it from your face once it is fully dried. Do not try the peeling method if your skin is sensitive.

Granulated sugar and Lime and/or virgin olive oil

I personally do a skin peeling before trying any face mask.  And, for me, the best homemade scrub award goes to granulated sugar + lime juice. The mask is sort of debatable in the beauty field as many people have sensitive skin, and therefore they cannot put drops of lime directly into their faces. 

There are several methods to use the mask without lime. You could simply replace it with virgin or regular olive oil or coconut oil. For me, I use granulated sugar with drops of lime for a cool scrub that helps me not only get rid of dead skin, but also get a natural glow.

Here is how it works:

Put three tablespoons of granulated sugar into a bowl and half lime juice into the sugar. Do not let the sugar melt, because the secret is in the texture of granulated sugar that will serve as a scrub.

Apply the scrub to your face using circular motions, targeting the oil areas. Gently scrub the sensitive areas in your cheeks. Do not use on the eye area.

You can use this combo before putting on any facemask. 

Turmeric-cornstarch honey mask

Honey is of course delicious and beneficial for your health. Have you tried it on your skin? If not, you should! You can simply put it on by itself, or you can try it with the magical powder.

Turmeric is very interesting. It will help you get rid of the damage caused by the sun and acne. But do not blame the mask if you do not follow the instructions carefully. The ingredients are all-natural.

It is much better to get your own turmeric root and blend to get your own powder not mixed with any other sort spices.

Turmeric can be used to calm skin, clean pores, and reduce marks or any unwanted scars.

Like turmeric, cornstarch can work to soothe skin irritation, including allergies and sunburn.

Use a tablespoon of honey and a small spoon of turmeric and cornstarch. Mix the ingredients until you get a paste and apply on your face.

Let the mix dry and wash your face with warm water to get rid of the turmeric yellowish color. You will notice soft skin and a glow from the first go.

Turmeric lime yogurt mask

I already mentioned that turmeric is a magical powder for skin, and it can be used in any facemask.

Turmeric can also form a great skin mask with a sugar mask and drops of lime juice. Lime has a big vitamin C dose, which can both lighten dark spots and help you get a natural glow.

All you will need is a small bowl again and a spoon. Add three tablespoons of yogurt, a small spoon of turmeric powder, and four drops of lime.

Mix everything together and apply on your face for 15 minutes until it dries.

Peel the mask from your face and then wash with warm water. Again, if your skin is sensitive do not use the lime. If you are allergic to dairy products you should avoid this mask.

Egg white-honey facemask

Do you want a natural lifting method? Egg white could serve you well. Egg whites can give you soft, firm skin, and can help you reduce large pores and acne-prone skin.

To benefit more from egg whites, you can use it with drops of lime juice and honey. Leave it until it dries and then wash your face. Such masks are definitely my favorite as you could at least benefit from the natural glow afterward pending a terrific result—of course with consistent use.

To make your masks work well, you will need to drink more than eight glasses of water a day to help reach your body’s hydration goal.

You can use one of the aforementioned masks and the sugar lime scrub once or twice a week.

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